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Oxford Initiative and Oxford Consortium

Co-instructor, War and Peace, Oxford, March 2019, 2020

Co-instructor, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Oxford, March 2015-18

Lead Instructor, Religion and Human Rights, Oxford, Belfast, Spain 2016

Co-instructor, Refugee Policy, Thessaloniki and Levbos, Greece, 2017, 2018 


Master of Science in Narrative Medicine, USC Medical School

Ethics of Medical Narratives, Fall 2020

Honors Program, University of Southern California

Leadership and Ethics, 2017, 2018

School of Religion, USC 

Religion and Human Rights: Citizenship in a Global Era, Spring and Fall 2016

Religion, Ethnic Conflict and Human Rights, Oxford, Belfast, Istanbul, 2016 


Shanghai International Studies University, China 

Fulbright Graduate seminar in Global Ethics, May 2015 


School of International Relations, USC 

Religion, Civil Society and Democracy, Cairo, Alexandria, and Istanbul, 2013

Managing New Global Challenges, 2006, 2007, 2012

Introduction to International Relations, 2011

Sustainable Development and Tourism, Cairo, Egypt, Dhakla Oasis, 2010, 2011

Case Studies in U.S. Foreign Policy, 2008

Comparative Foreign Policy, 2007


Annenberg School of Journalism, USC

Lead Instructor, International Journalism (MA), 2007-08

Co-instructor, International Journalism (MA), 2005, 2006

Faculty Director, Cape Town, South Africa, Summer 2007

Faculty Director, Hong Kong, China, Summer 2006

Teaching comments from students


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