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Presentation, "Stories of Trauma and Healing: Global Women's Narratives, Disability and Mental Health in Postcolonial and Conflict Zones," HEAL (Humanities, Ethics/Economics, Arts, and the Law) Keck School of Medicine of USC, October 26, 2020.


Roundtable, Current Issues in International Human Rights Law, Law and Society Association, May 30, 2020.

Lecture, "Religion and Human Rights: Narrative as Legal Persuasion," Visiting Scholar, Estacio University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 2019.

Invited short lecture with Oxford Center for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict, "Strategic Moral Diplomacy," University of Oxford dinner, March 18, 2019.

Lecture, "Moral Diplomacy and Guantanamo Bay," University of Oxford, March, 16, 2019.

Chair, "Women and Culture"UNESCO Science Symposium, UNESCO Paris, March 18, 2018.

Panel, "The Necessity of Women in Storytelling," University of Southern California, February 27, 2018.

Lecture, Virtues and Vices Series, "Eudaemonia: About Moral Happiness," University of Southern California, October, 26, 2017

Lecture, "Strategic Moral Diplomacy: An Uncomfortable Conversation," University of Oxford, March 15, 2017.

Panel presentation, “The Well-Being of Women in War: A Global Women’s Narratives Project,” 16th World Summit of Nobel Laureates, Bogota, Colombia, February 3, 2017.

Lecture, “Women, Religion, and Human Rights,” University of Oxford, June 27, 2016. 

Lecture, "Translating Ethics Into Action > Moral Courage,"  USC Student Affairs Series, LA, CA, November 10, 2015.


Presentation, "For a Better Contribution of Universities to a Global Ethic: China and the US," Carnegie Council, NYC, 2015.


Authors Meet Readers: Women's Global Health-Norms and State Policies, ISA-West, Pasadena, CA, September 25, 2015.


Paper, "Peace Movements, Armed Participation, and Well-Being of Women in War," Georgetown University, September 11, 2015.


Public Lecture, “Women, Health and the State,” Neimeyer Center, Asturias, Spain, June 5, 2015.


Keynote Lecture, “Ethics in Global Context” Fulbright Commission, Madrid, Spain, June 2, 2015.


Lecture, “The Strategic Use of Moral Diplomacy,” Council of Ministers, European Union, Brussels, Belgium, Oct, 2013.


Organizing Chair, “Developments in Religion and Democracy: A Comparison of Egypt and Turkey 2013,” International Studies Association West, September 27, 2013.


Chair, “Political Will and Responsibilities,” Carnegie Global Ethics Fellows Annual Meeting, New York, Nov. 8, 2012.


Chair, “The Role of Justice in Post-Conflict Societies,” International Conference on Global Justice, USC, April 7, 2011.


Roundtable (Chair of Women’s Caucus), “Women Don’t Ask, Women Don’t Say No,” ISA, March 17, 2011.


“Just Claims and Avoidable Losses: Zimbabwe’s Land Redistribution,” Association of Practical and Professional Ethics, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 4, 2011.


“Talking to Strangers: Engaging Disagreement,” USC College Magazine (Fall 2010)


Chair, “Global Commitments to Human Rights in Light of State Sovereignty,” ISA-West, Sept. 24, 2010.


“Just Claims and Avoidable Losses: Zimbabwe’s Land Seizures,” Morality, Justice and Peacebuilding, ISA-West, Sept. 24, 2010.


Moderator, “Rwanda: Confronting a Painful Past,” Sept. 2, 2010. Panel sponsored by USC Shoah Foundation Institute.


Conference Co-Chair, “The Ethics of State Involvement in Women’s Health,” April 5, 2010, USC.


Roundtable Member, Ethics Centers Director’s Colloquium, Assoc. Practical and Professional Ethics, March 4, 2010.


Chair, “Facts on the Line: Why Good Journalism Still Matters in the Age of Information,” Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, March 6, 2010.


Chair, “Old Solutions for New Problems: Ethics in the 21st Century,” ISA-West, Oct. 2009.


Roundtable Member, “Ethics and Public Diplomacy,” ISA-West, Oct. 2009.


“Starting and Building an Ethics Institute in Tough Economic Times: Four Strategies,” Annual Directors Colloquium, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (Fall 2009)


“Rogue States, Terrorists and Other Evil Guys,” Panel on Teaching Ethics, International Studies Association, Chicago, IL, March 2007.


Chair, “Innovations in IR Theory: Norms, Psychology and Discourse,” International Studies Association-West, NV, Sept. 2006.

Lecture, “Strategic Moral Diplomacy,” US Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, March 2006.

Chair and Discussant, “Values and Religion in U.S. Foreign Policy,” Int. Studies Assoc, San Diego, CA, March 2006.

Discussant, “Reframing Human Security,” International Studies Association, San Diego, CA, March 2006.

“Not Covering North Korea: Consequences of Diplomatic Isolation for Media Coverage and Image of the Enemy” (co-author Michael Parks), Paper presentation, International Studies Assoc., March 2005.

“Lost in Translation: Haiti’s Generals and the Perils of Democratic Change,” Paper presentation, International Studies Association, Hawaii, March 2005.

“Collision with China: Conceptual Metaphor Analysis, Somatic Marking and the EP3 Incident,” with Edward Slingerland (PI) and Eric Blanchard, Paper presentation, American Poli Sci Association, Washington D.C., Sept. 2005.

“Strategic Moral Negotiation: Mandela, Qaddafi and the Lockerbie Negotiations,” Center for International Studies, CIS dissertation fellow presentation, April 2004.

Roundtable, “Moral Foundations for International Law: Problems With the Current Debate,” International Studies Association-West, Las Vegas, Oct. 2004.

“An Unconscious Collusion: How U.S. Newspapers Frame the Enemy,” Paper presentation, International Society of Political Psychology (ISSP): Political Leadership in Divided Societies and a Dangerous World, Boston, July 2003.

“Moral Enemies: Strategic Moral Negotiation in International Relations,’ Paper presentation, International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress, Durban, South Africa, June 2003.

Journal Reviewer: Foreign Policy Analysis, Ethics and International Affairs, Journal of Law and Society